Conscious Fashion

Responsible Fabrics Selection

We select fabrics that require less water and less chemical treatments. For example we avoid the use non organic cotton, a very thirsty crop. It requires 2700 litres of water (what a normal person drinks in two and a half year) to craft a single cotton shirt. Cotton is also one of the most chemical dependents crops in the world. While only the 2.4% of the world’s cropland is planted with cotton, it consumes 10% of all agricultural chemicals and the 25% of insecticides. Right now we are studying the use of Organic Cotton and Organic Linen, fibers crafted using a little less water and more environmentally respectful insecticides and dyes.

Le Couturier Clothing

Sustainability Compromise

Fast Fashion is destroying our environment and heading to more responsible consuming habits is the first step in order to defend our planet.  In our brandwe propose you totally timeless pieces that will last for a very long time.  We are against to over consuming and we think its time to change our shopping attitudes.

Le Couturier Tops

Minimize Energy Footprint

We manufacture and source all our materials locally so our clothes do not produce extra CO2 during the manufacturing process. We avoid to expend fuel on shipping our clothes during the manufacturing process. Right now a single ship can produce as much cancer and asthma-causing pollutants as 50 million cars in just one year and for the other hand the low-grade bunker fuel burned by ships is 1,000 times dirtier than highway diesel used in the trucking industry. 

Le Couturier Conscious Fashion

Fair Working Conditions

The garment industry is and has historically been one of the most female-dominated industries in the world. The Fashion companies prefer to hire women in order to pay them less and often offer them dreadful working conditions. This situation only worsened with the Fast Fashion irruption. There is a very quick turnaround on products. When the orders come in, the garment employees can be forced to work overtime and usually without getting proper overtime pay. 

In Le Couturier we work on the opposite way. First of all our collaborators work close to us and we consider them family and friends. We dedicate the time we need in order to create each piece. We always work hard but we take the healthy breaks our though industry needs. Yes, we are producing slow fashion with care and love