The Best Winter Corduroy trousers


Our design process always starts with the Fabric hunting. The beginning of everything for us are the fabrics. We love them and we always develope our designs and our patterns when we feel we have found the perfect or the nicest or the warmest or the softest fabric. 

We felt in love with this beautiful corduroy fabric last August. In Barcelona were 30°C, that day it was extremely hot, but when we saw this fabric we knew it had to be in our Winter collection. This corduroy tissue reminded us our childhood. When we were kids our father was always wearing thick corduroy trousers during winter time and when we saw it we felt a little bit nostalgic. Because fashion apart of dressing us, or defining a little bit ourselves, defines our moments. 


When we created this atemporal Carolina Corduroy trousers in this beautiful green color we imagined this piece styled with plain textures but also with printed elements like Nina Nöhr from the (one of our favourite vegan lifestyle and sustainable fashion blogs) propose in her blog. 


Right now we are focused on creating and designing our new Fall Winter Collection and we know for sure that Corduroy will be a key element of these future designs.