Seoul Diary

Seoul is one of those cities were the past, the present and the future meet. This city is full history, temples and old traditions but also is the best place were to catch what's coming next. Seoul is a city full of life. A city that never sleeps.

We truly recommend to spend time walking on the streets of Seoul. Mainly to know its local streetfood cuisine and also its shopping neigbourhoods, art galleries and small coffe shops. 

We loved to visit the most traditional markets like the Kwagjang Market (where we ate truly well), or the Namdaemum market, the biggest market in Korea and a place were you can find everything. 

Also we recommend  the Hongdae area, a street food paradise, full of small cafeteries, karaokes, new designers stores, vintage shops, lifeshows... a place were you understand the truly definition of the word action. 

But what really catched our eyes were the bookstores. All the books and magaiznes we checked there were just so attractive and inspiring that we bought some of them even we are not able to understand anything.