We met Elisabeth thanks to her instagram account and immediately we knew we wanted to work with her. From the very beginning we loved the atmosphere of her work, her way to see the light, her great eye for fashion and her sensitivity for the arts. She is that kind of girl that has a unique personal style. She is pure art and creativity and she is always open to explore new fields, new kind of photography, new jobs and new projects.
Elisabeth is so lucky that she was born and raised in Mallorca, and since a few months ago she is back to this little Mediterranean paradise where she is now based and works. We want to take advantage of this interview to talk a bit with Elisabeth about her background, her passions, her relationship with the island where she was born and her future projects.


- We know you are interested with so many different artistic fields, but we have worked with you in fashion photography. How did you get to the photography?  What led you to dedicate yourself to it? It all started at the Secondary school, many of my friends talked about starting art school and I found it super interesting. From there I went on to Illustration and finally to Art Photography. There were two and a half years of laboratory that I remember with a lot of love.

 - We also believe that you have a natural eye for fashion and style. How do you relate fashion to photography? I think a style can be extrapolated to practically everything. The way you dress, how you cook, how you work, how you relate to people ... For me fashion is a way of creating and as I always say "my first creation of the day". First of all there is an intention with clothes, a wish to communicate something. There are colors, textures, volumes, infinite options to communicate your mood! And with photography, the same thing happens to me, I create stories and what I like most is to capture the little details of my day to day with my analogue camera. And If we already put together the fashion and the photo I can go crazy!

 - We met you through Instagram, a network in which you are very active. What does this social network provide you and to  your work? Instagram has become for me a work tool, a constant inspiration and also a window for my work. I love how easy it is to be able to communicate with anyone. I have known people who have enriched me a lot at work and personal level through the networks.

 - You are so like that you live in paradise, in Mallorca. What does the island bring to your way of living and working? It all comes down to a sentence I have on my Instagram profile "My heart belongs to an Island." I have been living outside of Mallorca twice and both have felt very much the loss of my true self. Mallorca transmits me peace, being able to be in any natural landscape in a short time makes me feel that I can always escape everything. At work level I think that I end up transmitting in a natural way everything that an island can contribute, sun, sea, salt, sand, rock ... and all that with a lot of time and tranquility.

- What do you like most about living on the island? Its nature, you can find what you want. It's a brutal natural set! And the calm attitude of the Majorcans.

Where do you find inspiration? In anything, I am mainly inspired by nature and bodies. Feelings are also the main theme of my personal photographs, I must admit that maybe I am a bit intense!

- We know that you are working on several projects right now. What plans do you have for the next few months? First of all stabilize myself in Mallorca, since recently I have returned to the island. I am in a project with a friend to make wedding photographs, it's called Two in bloom, we're on Instagram! but we want to give it a different point! We are going to take advantage of all the good things that can be given to us in weddings in which I personally enjoy myself, people are beautiful and there is a brutal energy that we infected ourselves. And on the other hand we want to take advantage of the fashion knowledge we have and give that touch of Editorial to the brides. And as a personal project I'm doing nude photography in nature, but that's what you'll see coming from now on;) Ah! And I'm organizing a collective exhibition for January ...


You can follow Elisabeth in her instagram account